General English


The General English lesson intends to help you develop your overall language skills. Each lesson is dedicated to a specific topic introduced through various listening or reading materials to be reviewed prior to the lesson.
During the lesson you will be encouraged to analyze, interpret and summarize the content of the material, as well as carry out a discussion sharing your personal views on the topic. Special attention is paid to correct usage and structure of the language.

  Academic English

If you are planning to take any of the common certification exams (such as TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, FCE, CPE, etc) you will benefit from  guided practice in the specific format of the  exam you are sitting for.
Although most exams test similar skills and competencies, the way they are tested will vary from one type of exam to another.
You will learn and practice the strategies and techniques required for all or specific sections of the exam, such as Writing or Speaking.


Business English

Business Communication Lessons
In this type of lesson, you will be exposed to various business situations and contexts and have the opportunity to discuss business topics in English.
You will learn how professionals use English to communicate at the workplace, hold meetings, negotiate, make presentations, manage projects, etc

Job interview preparation

Learn and practice the language you will need to  carry out a job interview in English.

Speaking Practice

The majority of English learners have been learning the language for years in one way or another but one thing most of them feel like they have been lacking in their classes in school is speaking practice.
Practice the English you have already learned by applying it to real life conversations and learn how to socialize in English.
Improve your fluency and grow your confidence in using the language in different contexts while sounding natural and friendly.
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